I feel like I’ve met so many girls who say: ‘Oh, he’ll be too intimidated.’ And I’m like, ‘No, you’re just terrible. That’s why they wouldn’t want to date you. It’s not because of some fake-y thing like intimidation.’ I’m supposed to appear less successful than I am? Yeah, it’s total crap. Even if you were able to con somebody into not being intimidated by you, eventually your true self would emerge, who’s successful and self-sufficient, and then they would be turned off by it. I will also say that the two guys that I think are incredibly talented, catch-y-type guys — Max Greenfield and Chris Messina — they are both married to women that are incredibly successful and a little bit older than them, and I just love it. They’re like, ‘I fucking love how powerful my girl is,’ and they’re such great guys. They totally love it.’
Mindy Kaling (via mindythings)

Strong and successful women only intimidate weak men.